When it comes to coat the wooden surfaces during finishing, hemp oil has many benefits to offer. Once spread over the floor, deck or furniture, it offers protective, water-resistant and beautiful finish. As the oil dries quickly, it is also known as drying oil. Though it dries fast, approximately 30 days are required for complete absorption and dryness. It is interesting to know that after drying completely, hemp oil never leaves any film.

How to use hemp oil?

If you have never applied the oil on your wooden stuff, it is good to know the right way of applying it. First of all, clean and dry the wooden products. Remember, this oil works best on porous wood surfaces. Whether you want to use a brush or cloth, it’s all your choice. However, cloth is used when the surface is large and flat. On the other hand, for smaller and surfaces with crevices, brush is the ideal option. Apply the oil gently and let it get in. If there is left over, clean it away. Important thing to keep in mind is that using just the enough quantity. What you apply on the surface is absorbed and rest everything stays on the top which needs to be wiped away.


So where all you can use this oil? If this is the question, you are thinking about, it is useful for you to know that besides wooden floor, you can use it on fences, wooden shutters, wooden decks, wooden stairs and wooden siding. It acts as a perfect deck sealer. Though one coat is sufficient, adding more can give more polishing effect.

Features of hemp oil

1. Environment friendly

2. Should have 100% pure hemp seed oil

3. Free from hazardous air pollutants

4. Negligible volatile organic compound

5. UV resistant

6. Should penetrate deep into the surface

Give your wooden items long and healthy life by applying hemp oil on it. Make your furniture and products look glossy and new forever.

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